Don't be left stranded on the side of the road because you put off your vehicles inspections and maintenance. The truth is most vehicle breakdowns can be avoided with early detection. The best and easiest way to accomplish this is by keeping your vehicle regularly serviced every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. This gives us a chance to catch a potential problem before it leaves you stranded on the road. We also want to let you know of the items that are within specifications and do not need attention. We are not here just to give you the bad news, but we want to give you the full vehicle report and create a care plan to suit your needs. 

     If you have a warning light on your dash board don't just ignore it or put a picture over the top of it. Unfortunately it will not magically disappear on its own. Lets face it we are not all technicians who specialize in vehicle repair. This is one of the main reasons our vehicles are equipped with the capability to let us know when a problem has been detected.  There are hundreds of reasons these lights come on and it takes a professional who understands and is passionate about your vehicle. Todays cars and trucks are advanced and complex in the way they operate, and they just simply can not be fixed by going to the local auto part store and asking the guy at the counter for proper advise. Fortunately there are technicians who are certified at O.C. Automotive and Diagnostics. So don't ignore these warning signs and have your car inspected today.

     At O.C. Automotive and Diagnostics we offer the platinum package to our customers. This is not just a oil change and then send you down the road. That would be unfair to you, your vehicle and your time. This is a full service package which includes the following items and inspections.

- Oil Change ( includes up to 5 quarts of non-synthetic oil)

- Oil Filter

- Brake inspection

- Tire rotation

- Complete charging system test

- Bumper to bumper vehicle inspection

- Custom car care plan




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